Organizing Your Marriage Life With Google Calendar

Family life is easy only at the very beginning when you're so in love with each other that you can selflessly do something for your partner and turn a blind eye on some actions. But the more you live together, the more you become tired of disorganization and mess in your life. You may answer that the solution is easy — sit and talk to your partner. If you say so, you were never in relationships. But it's possible to fix this problem. Download to see how many singles are eager to see your message and meet you in person.
So, another solution is to buy a paper family planner and write down all duties and tasks in it. However, it also gives no result. But there's another solution — using apps and online tools. You don't even need to download the side app because Google gives it to you. Google Calendar is a great app that's used in planning meetings, events, and duties. A simple design and convenience make it popular among millions of people around the world.
Let's find out how you can organize your marriage life with this helpful app.

Create a family account

It's the first you should do after opening this app. Having one account for all can help you efficiently manage your duties and help all members of the family to stay updated about it. All you need to have is your smartphone. You don't need to carry a bulky planner with yourself, and you don't need to buy several planners for each member of the family and duplicate notes in each one.

Organize a family meeting

Gather all family together and explain the reasons why you do it. Have a discussion, and determine the responsibilities of each family member, think of how to mark each member. Assign different colors to different persons, and so on. You are free to choose a convenient way for you. In general, you should reach an agreement. If any of the members disagree with your idea, listen to the objections and convince him or her that it's a necessary measure.

Set notifications

If your schedule is busy and the calendar is full of events, it's easy to forget about important ones. The functionality of this app lets users set notifications that will be sent either to your phone or email. None of your family will forget about his or her duty with the help of notifications.

Enable repeat feature

You don't need to schedule the recurring events on your own. If you visit the shop, take kids to school every day and do similar tasks, open the Options section, and customize the settings according to your needs. There are lots of repeating options that'll help you to save your time.

Add important days to your calendar

If you constantly quarrel with your husband or wife because he or she forgets about the important date or someone's birthday, stop it. The family should live peacefully, and it's truly not the reason for disputes. Indicate the dates of your anniversaries, birthdays of close relatives, and you'll never argue about it.

Review the schedule every evening

Do it with your spouse to form a habit. It helps to refresh your memory and remember what should you do tomorrow. Plan your activities for the next day. It will help you to feel less nervous and sleep better.