Discover an innovative way
to let Google Calendar
give you clarity, insight, productivity,
much less stress – and best of all?

Control over your calendar
and your productivity!

Does this feel familiar?

Phyllis Khare

I used to feel the same way. Big time.


SquareCloudRight Starting today, I’m showing you exactly how I managed to break out of that rut. Don't forget to rest! In your free time, watch the assassin's creed odyssey romance.

I just had no choice, you see: I was simply forced into finding a better way of managing myself, my tasks and my time.

It was either that or go crazy, or completely give up on my career – or quit writing my books.

None of those were an option, so I was forced to invent a new approach, one that actually enabled me to take control over my schedule, instead of constantly being controlled by it.

You know how they say: Evolve or die? Luckily, I evolved.

With no other options and with my back against the wall, I developed a new way to use Google Calendar to schedule my day… and it ended up transforming my life.

And today… I want to share my system with you -

because it works so incredibly well that I want everyone to use it.

Phyllis Khare

Phyllis Khare Nuts & bolts: How it works and what you’ll learn

To help you and make sure you’ll get the most out of your time, I’ve developed a no-fluff training program to help you learn to have a better relationship with Time.

There are 9 sections in the program;

  • 3 sections to learn the system

  • 3 for the mindset shift and

  • 3 for watching over my shoulder as I complete my 6 Simple Rules for Calendar Sanity.

In total there are over 15 videos; 3 audio sessions; and an internal commenting system inside the TimeBliss.ME to support you through this process.

When you’re done, you’ll have no trouble at all building a schedule that works – one that helps you get your work done with less stress.

“I can’t tell you what a breakthrough it was. People have been telling me, for a long time, to “schedule my tasks” And I tried, with google calendar and other systems but I couldn’t make it work comfortably — but your course put me in the right mindset and showed me how to do a few little simple tweaks to google calendar and use it as the tool it was meant to be — in just a few hours. Worth every penny. I only wish I had found it years ago.” — Sarah Zeldman

Only $97

($97 is over 90% off the regular price – good until the end of the month)

Phyllis Khare

Here’s what’s in the

TimeBliss.Me Calendar Program

Phyllis Khare

Learn: the NEW Rules of effective,

stress-free time management



o   Start Here – the New 6 Rules that will give you control over your calendar

o   Transitioning from making To-Do Lists to To-Getting-It-Done celebrations!

o Calendar Ninja Tip: Modify Event Titles for Quick Viewing – Have clarity and insight any time you need it


Calendar Skills

o   Do I need one calendar or many? The answer might surprise you…

o   Creating a new calendar PT 1

o   Creating a new calendar Pt 2

o   Creating a new calendar Pt 3

o   Quick Tour – Just the essentials

€Your calendar on steroids: Expanding the Basics

o   Watch me Schedule a Product Launch –
from Mindmap/FlowChart to Calendar
in one single 40-minute video tutorial

Phyllis Khare

Mindset – private audio podcasts

and webinars

You are the CEO of your Life
audio coaching PLUS
webinar tutorials

Willingness to be Consistent
an important lesson

Open Space Scares Me
what you might run into
and what to do about it

This Module is full of audio files and webinars that I recorded especially for this course
and will provide deep insight into the blocks you might encounter as you use this program.

I’ve been told, just those audio coaching recordings alone are worth the price of this entire course.

“Wow, that is a powerful statement. The last couple of years everything has been turned so inside out and upside down for me that I have felt completely out of control. I didn’t realize just how deeply affected until just now listening to this. Thank you for reminding me, I do have the power to take control again.” ~EV

Phyllis Khare

Over My Shoulder

Learning how it’s done is a great way to start, but there’s nothing like seeing how an expert actually does it. So, you get to watch me as I do the exact things I suggest you do in this program. Look over my shoulder as I do my daily tasks and do my weekly overview.

Seeing the Patterns and gaining control over your time

o   How to Estimate Time

o How Your Calendar Talks to You and HOW to Listen!


Weekly Review

o Overview #1 – Reaching higher productivity by deleting items that seem important but really aren’t

o Overview #2 – The no-overlap rule – why it’s essential and how to put it into practice

o Overview #3 – Why I have a Daily Focus Box and how to create one for yourself


A Day in the Life – Look Over My Shoulder Video tutorials

o   Do you need to find content for clients or yourself? Learn how to take the struggle out of generating and curating content.

o   Do you need to schedule a short series of blog posts? I’ll show you how.

o   What to do when the date and time are not underlined for easy addition to your calendar.

o   How to add a webinar notification to your calendar from the email confirmation with just a few clicks – never miss or forget and appointment again

o   Stay on target by scheduling things that need to happen by a certain time, so you’ll never again be caught by surprise

More than just the course

You won’t be going it alone

You get direct Q&A with me
in my Private Facebook Group

Sounds like it’ll be expensive, right?

Well, maybe not…


Here’s the deal: the information in this course, plus the dramatic improvement it can have on your business results , together is worth a lot of money.

Which is why, if I trained your personally, it would run a total of 3 consulting sessions at $375 each – that’s a $1125 ticket.

But I want this system to be accessible for anyone, regardless of their budget. That’s why I decided to create a course out of it.

Not only does it enable me to teach this to far more people, it also means you can learn the exact same system I use – at a fraction of the actual value.

TimeBliss.ME can be yours not at $1125,

…but for the very reasonable

one-time fee of $97 .
(this is over 90% off until the end of the month)

Join TimeBliss.ME now

Phyllis Khare